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  • Will there be housing for seniors?

    Janice Featherstone asked over 1 year ago

    The Judgment requires a minimum of 670 residential units to be included in the land use vision.  Senior housing is being explored as one of the residential uses for the site within the land use vision.

    You can now provide your input on Concept Alternatives from Workshop #3 which include intergenerational housing as a point of discussion.

  • This is not a question but a suggestion: At the 25 August Workshop a gentleman asked the question "What is considered low income [for Richmond]?" Unfortunately, no concrete or illustrative answer was provided. My suggestion is that said answer be provided in order to give the public some context for what is meant by "affordable housing for low-income persons or families". I am aware that there are many definitions for "low income"; however, the most common is provided by HUD, which brackets "very-low", "extremely-low", and "low income". Thus, for HUD FY 2018, "low income" for Richmond [and Contra Costa County in toto] for a family of one ranges from $24,400 to $62,750 -- as the family size increases, so does the income, such that for a family of eight low income ranges from $76,700 to 118,300. The HUD source is here: My thanks.

    Gilberto asked over 1 year ago

    Thank you for the suggestion.  We will share this information.

  • Are there any case studies from development proposals available to view online? I’d be interested to see what proposals are being submitted and what kind of evidence is being used to back them up. As with any large scale project, I fear that money will be thrown into it with little evidence to back up its chances of success. I would hate to see roughly 670 residential units be thrown into an area/context in which they won’t be part of a viable community.

    misteryang asked over 1 year ago

    On July 20, 2018, the City issued a Request for Qualifications from Master Developers to serve as master developer in a public/private partnership with the City for development of approximately 271 acres of the Point Molate property. As part of the RFQ, the City is requesting that respondents provide information regarding their previous project and outreach experience, financial qualifications, and project understanding and approach.  Responses to the RFQ are due on September 14, 2018.

  • Please explain what kind of zoning procedures must occur for any kind of development

    beryl golden asked over 1 year ago

    The exact zoning procedures will depend on the outcome of the land use visioning and the Master Developer selection process.  This is because zoning procedures are reflective of the project proposed. However, staff anticipates, that the selected Master Developer will need to apply for a General Plan Amendment to modify some of the General Plan land use classifications, Rezoning to a Planned Area District, and a Tentative subdivision map.  In addition, specific development components will also have to undergo appropriate Design Review and historic preservation review.

  • 1- EXACTLY where are the housing to be built according to the current thinking? 2- What are the proposals for widening roads on the property and for entering and exiting Point Molate? 3- Who will pay for utility and sewage upgrades?

    beryl golden asked over 1 year ago

    Determining the location of the housing and the necessary infrastructure to serve the development are some of the key purposes of this land use visioning.  We are seeking input on where the community would like to see the housing located, the types of housing desired, and the density. Widening Stenmark Drive to address sight distances, to add sidewalks, and possibly adding bike lanes will be necessary for any development at Point Molate.  Whether or not the road will have to be widened to be more than one lane in each direction may not be known until the intensity of development is determined and a traffic analysis completed. The City is exploring various funding options, including Community Facilities Districts (CFDs) and Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts (EIFDs), and grants, for the backbone infrastructure.

  • Will this "open process" and "community visioning" be hijacked by NIMBY's and the RPA who would like to shut down housing for all income levels?

    mnoble asked almost 2 years ago

    All Richmond residents are welcomed to participate in the visioning.  All perspectives are welcomed; however, to meet the requirements of the Judgment, the final land use plan will need to accommodate a minimum of 670 residential units, preserve 70% of the land as open space, and preserve the historic buildings for adaptive reuse.

  • "Of the approximately 270 acres of upland area, the Point Molate Reuse Plan designates approximately 30% as Development Areas and 70% as open space, the ratio of which shall not change." Does the judgement mean that 90 acres MUST be developed? And if so, the definition of development restricted to residential and commercial, or are there other possible uses (ex: park, community garden or other community amenity)?

    kdienst asked over 1 year ago

    The judgment requires that 30% of the land must be designated as Development Areas.  However, those development areas may include a variety of uses in addition to residential and commercial uses, such as community gardens and other community amenities.

  • Please post the 2016 Urban Land Institute presentation in the background materials. It was a very complete evaluation of multiple Pt. Molate alternatives, including costs.

    kdienst asked over 1 year ago

    The 2016 Urban Land Institute TAP Report presentation has been uploaded to the site. You can find it here:

    Thank you for the suggestion.

  • Who owns Point Molate?

    roxmolina asked over 1 year ago

    City of Richmond

  • Why do we have to build houses? This is a beautiful headland that could easily become a destination for the entire Bay Area. We could have sustainable development that includes the rehabilitation of Winehaven. There could be a winery, restaurants, shops, a beer garden, etc. The cottages could be B&B’s. There could be workshops on the history of Point Molate. Also workshops for artists and nature lovers. There could be kayaking and sailing. Many other cities have turned their abandoned Naval bases and industrial areas into thriving destinations. Check out Bainbridge Island in Vancouver for one. There should not be housing next to a refinery. It’s too dangerous with only one narrow road out. Point Molate needs to be developed for the good of the entire city and the Bay Area, not for some rich people to have homes on the shoreline. It’s an awful idea to build houses there, and short of criminal given the refinery right over the hill. This does not have to happen. Also, this was not a court order. Richmond could have easily fought this. Tom Butt wants housing, always has, and this is just an excuse for him to go ahead with his agenda. Thank you for reading this.

    Jeannette asked almost 2 years ago

    The Judgment requires the City to approve a project with a minimum of 670 residential units. All the land uses suggested in your comment could certainly be part of the community visioning document that results from this community engagement process. The city and consultants will evaluate access to the site. Thank you for your inquiry and ongoing participation!

  • In the interest of transparency, can the “Q&A” on this site be public? So the public can see the questions and answers as they are posted? In the interest of access and equity, can you delete the log-in step for this page? On the Pt Molate tour on Saturday, the different tour guides gave conflicting accounts. Can the tours be standardized and the information be made public? On my tour, Bruce Beyaert said the Base Reuse Plan was adopted by the City and the General Plan in 1997. That is not true. The City adopted the plan as a requirement of the Navy as a visioning document for 20 years, a guide. It was not adopted as a development plan or a specific plan, and it is now 21 years since it was drafted. The WRT consultant was also under the false impression that the Pt Molate “Judgement” is a judge’s order. The Judgement refers to the judge in this case making official, or legally binding, an agreement between the two Parties, the City and Jim Levine and the Tribe from Mendocino County. The incredibly short timeline and the 670 residential units were not ordered by a judge. The Parties agreed to both of these things and all the conditions and terms of the settlement. This needs to be clarified for the public, and the consultants. Bruce Beyaert did not address the rare natural resources at Pt Molate, and he argued that the eelgrass is not sensitive to run-off. It is sensitive to run-off because it photosynthesizes. Please include natural resource experts in the next 3 tours. Tony Brake, Golden Gate Raptor Observatory, has studied the oprey at Pt Molate for 4 years, Cindy Margulis, Audubon, can speak to the 170 bird species documented at Pt Molate, many of which nest in the south watershed. Lech Naumovich, Golden Hour Restoration Institute, is the leading expert on native plant habitats at Pt Molate. Kathy Boyer, Tiburon Marine Research Center, is an expert on the eelgrass at Pt Molate. These are just a few people who can speak to the natural resources at Pt Molate. There is an additional visioning plan for Pt Molate, the KLMR plan, that was part of a City Council Study session, drafted by a group of architects and urban planners. I will send the link to be posted on the website. Thank you.

    pamstello asked almost 2 years ago

    Yes, the City will post Q&A that are of general interest. The log-in step is necessary to understand who is posting comments and to track who is participating in the process. The City will work with the guides to standardize information shared. The City Council adopted the Base Reuse Plan in 1997, and the 1997 Reuse Plan served as the basis for the land use classifications in the General Plan 2030. Thank you for your engagement!

  • Where on this website do I share my idea? I only see "post your question" & "ask us" as a place to input anything. Instead of posting a question, do we share our ideas in this area?

    David_Castro asked almost 2 years ago

    Thank you for your question! We have now added two ways for you to share your ideas on the website at

    1. From the homepage, click “Share your ideas” to share how you think Point Molate can help fill community needs in the future.
    2. From the homepage, click “Add assets to the map” to document the site assets that we need to preserve, enhance or get more information about.

    Thank you for your input!

  • Years ago , will build up Casino project , now same project ?

    Stephen Chang asked almost 2 years ago

    No, a casino at this site will not be considered. Thank you for your inquiry!

  • Since 1984, I was there , good location and view , I support any project for Richmond city . Jobs, safety. etc. Richmond will be the beautiful city. We have the best Pier for cargo loading too. Have a nice day

    Stephen Chang asked almost 2 years ago

    Comment noted. Thank you!

  • Where can I send my input and feedback? I don't have time to attend a meeting but I would like to submit comments.

    Matthew asked almost 2 years ago

    Thank you for your interest in this project and future of Point Molate. You can participate online via this website. We are currently collecting the same input we gathered at the first Community Workshop online via two online activities:

    1. From the homepage, click “Share your ideas” to share how you think Point Molate can help fill community needs in the future

    2. From the homepage, click “Add assets to the map” to document the site assets that we need to preserve, enhance or get more information about

  • Are there any deed restrictions or land use covenants on the future use of any of he Point Molate property?

    rose stamm asked almost 2 years ago

    Yes, there are land use restrictions on the property that will need to be considered in the site's redevelopment. 

  • Hi I'm a friend from groundwork, who is reading these?

    MHolmes52 asked almost 2 years ago

    City staff in the Planning Department and the consultant team are reading your questions. Thank you for your participation!

  • Is it possible to find a good history of the more recent history of the City of Richmond's process with Point Molate online? Thank you, Gail

    Gail B asked almost 2 years ago

    The 1997 Base Reuse Plan was the only land use related plan specific to Point Molate that was formally adopted by the City Council. Other land use alternative exploration efforts are provided on the project webpage in the document library; and each include a brief summary of the effort and purpose within the report.

  • The Urban Institute Report from 2016 quoted Mayor Butt as estimating the infrastructure costs to support housing development at Point Molate to be $30,000,000. Will the developers or the city pay this cost? What if the city cannot find developers willing to cover this cost? Will the plans for housing development still proceed with the city covering all or part of this cost? The settlement calls for a MINIMUM of 670 units. Is that a realistic number of units, or will the number of units need to increase to cover the cost of infrastructure, and if so, what is the MAXIMUM number of units the Planning Commission might approve? Will there be an EIR on the effects of various proposals?

    dbayer49 asked almost 2 years ago

    The City will be exploring ways in which infrastructure can be funded for future development of the site. As part of that process, the City will considers who pays for what. The City will need to comply with CEQA as part of a project approval and development of the site. The various land use alternatives explored in the community visioning will include a financial feasibility analysis to ensure that the Community Vision is realistic and can be marketed to developers.

  • I and family started visiting Richmond/EBRPD parks in 1960s, using beaches and trails. We are not Richmond residents. Are meetings restricted to Richmond residents as questionnaire implies?

    curlew6 asked almost 2 years ago

    No, the meetings are open to the public. The Council has asked us to track information about who is participating. Everyone can attend these meetings. 

  • What are you doing to ensure accessibility for these events and this process? Are all the venues accessible? What outreach is being done to various ethnic and language communities? What are the numeric goals for outreach and participation?

    Djd1950 asked almost 2 years ago

    The next workshop location will be the Richmond Auditorium which is ADA accessible. All printed outreach materials will be in Spanish. In addition, the webpage includes a translate feature. We are also reaching out to local neighborhood groups throughout the City. We want to engage as many Richmond community members as possible.

  • Is this area being designed with seniors in mind? Walking paths. Rest areas with places where seniors can sit when tired etc.

    Susan asked almost 2 years ago

    This is a good comment that we will include in the community visioning.